Finding God's grace in normal life

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I witnessed a Holy Moment

September 26, 2015
Started out as any other day, a Saturday morning where the kids were asking if we could make waffles.  We were all lying in our bed, the five of us…talking about the Cougar flag being waved at certain televised games. 

When in the middle of the football talk, Princess K says,

“I want to ask Jesus into my heart!” 

We all went silent, it was as if even Baby K knew this was important enough to stop wrestling and flailing about.  She said it again, “I want to ask Jesus into my heart.”  Handsome K and I looked at each other and at her.  I smiled. 

What made you think of this right now?  (looking back I knew the answer, the Holy Spirit of course was prompting her).  She mentioned that she and her friend were talking about it last night and she told her friend she wanted to talk to her mom and dad about it.  Princess K said, “I forgot last night after they left and I remembered when I got up this morning.”  She told me later that she kind of whispered it at first and nobody heard her and then said it again louder.  I think she was excited and nervous and excited and nervous.

We asked her why she wanted Jesus in her heart.  She told us because He forgave her sins when He died on the cross.  She said that in Vacation Bible School she learned a song, ABC…

A-admit that you’re a sinner, B-Believe in Jesus, C-Confess your faith in Jesus.

“That’s what I want to do.”

Rewind the last 10 months…I’ve been praying for Princess K to realize she’s lost so that she may be found.  Growing up around church and ministry and college students who love Jesus she has knowledge about God and His Son, Jesus.  I had been praying that she understood the difference between knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus, choosing Jesus.  Last December we had one of our interns from church over for dinner and we were talking about spiritual birthdays because hers was coming up.  Little K talked about when his was and I shared about my day briefly…Princess K said, “How do you get one of those?  I don’t have one.”  Little K told her it’s the day you ask Jesus into your heart.  She simply repeated something about not having done that yet.  This was the first glimpse of her understanding she has a choice.  Then two more times she said things like this over the next few months, not having done that yet.

At Easter in April we were reading about Jesus being the light that shows our way. We were talking about how when you choose to follow Jesus you no longer live in darkness but have that light inside of you too.  Light in the dark world.  While standing closely together in our closet (with a candle for emphasis) we talked about being light in the darkness, Princess K said, “I’m dark inside, I don’t have the light yet.”

She was beginning to see that she too has a choice…to choose Jesus or not, to be in darkness or live in the light.  So I knew firsthand that Jesus was drawing her closer to Himself.  When she proclaimed she was ready I was sure my prayers of her knowing she had a decision to make for herself was happening.  God was transforming the heart of my daughter right in front of me.

We talked about Jesus being the bridge that we can choose to walk across leaving our sin on one side of the gap and walking over the bridge that Jesus’ death provides to God’s side. 

“I want to walk across that bridge mommy.”

Next came a very holy moment…

We asked her if she knew what she wanted to say and she said she did.

She talked to Jesus out loud with us hearing her sweet prayer and her life being saved.  My sweet daughter, I’ve prayed for this since your conception.

“God, “A” is admit that I’m a sinner.  I am God.  “B” is believe in Jesus.  I believe Jesus died to forgive me of my sins and I want to walk across His bridge.  “C” confess my faith in you.  Jesus please come into my heart.  I don’t want to be on the side without you.”

Yep, I was crying…tears of joy.  Prayers for my daughter’s future, the narrow road is hard, but so worth it.  Many go through the wide gates and never walk across Jesus’ bridge, but my joyful song just chose to allow Jesus to influence and direct her life on earth…her personal, love relationship with Jesus beginning right there in our bed.

After she prayed, Handsome K told her that the Bible tells us that the angels rejoice when someone believes in Jesus.  The angels are having a party in Heaven because of your decision to choose Jesus.  She smiled really big.   I imagine she was trying to picture a party in Heaven.  She talked about how there might be cake, balloons and  banners and we said I’m sure there is singing!  A party for her in Heaven!

We continued to talk…all enjoying the moment…then Princess K said in a sad small voice.  “Not everyone has walked across the bridge to God huh mom?”


“Well, we have to tell them.”

Yes, my little missionary.  We do.

I told her how on Earth she’s my daughter, but in God’s family we are sisters.  We giggled together because that is kind of funny to think about.  We called grandparents, aunts, and uncles that day so she could share her news.  We went to the grocery store and saw a special friend of hers, a girl who has been investing in my daughter in big ways this year; as we were talking she walked up and proudly shared unprompted her decision.  Swooped up in arms; this special young lady in my daughter’s life rejoiced with us!

Recently Handsome K preached about living in the cycle of life (under the sun) vs. living in God’s story (beyond the sun).  She has continued to share her good news…she is beginning her journey as a part of God’s story, beyond the sun.  I know this journey will not be simple, she will fall down.  BUT GOD…will pick her up and forgive and transform and change her to grow more like Him all the days of her life.

I cannot imagine what God has for you Princess K, but your kind and compassionate heart, your imaginative and creative mind, and looking to God to tell you who you are will take you on amazing adventures.  You will soar! 

And keep telling people how to walk across the bridge to life in Jesus!