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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Words that End Our Day

Every night...

We pray for Little K, that like Elijah he would be a man of God and the words he speaks will be truth. That he will tell others of how much God loves them and believe it for himself as well. That he would be a truth teller and love God with his heart, mind and strength. That he will be a leader, confident in who God has made him to be. That God would protect his innocence and his integrity.

We pray for Princess K, that like Hannah she would know that prayer is the most important conversation she can have because it's talking to God. That she will trust God with her deepest desires and longings. That God will protect her passions and her purity. That God will give me the patience to parent an emotional girl, that God would give Handsome K and I the wisdom to build her self-confidence and self-awareness so that she knows she's beautiful on the inside, not based on her outward appearance. Simply because God made her.

We pray for Baby K, that like Isaac trusted Abraham, he would trust his Father to provide all that he needs. That he will believe that God cares about all parts of our lives. That God is worthy to be praised even if things don't make sense. That even when the way of provision doesn't seem obvious he will trust God. That God would bring him to maturity in his faith.

I pray that they will be more like God and somehow I will have the patience, wisdom, and endurance to run this race for the prize ahead. That they wouldn't be like me, but like God. That one day during my lifetime I will see each of them give their hearts to Jesus. To believe with all their hearts, to love our Creator with all their being.

I pray that they will dance. Right now they are watching a mouse do ballet...but I really mean dance. Experience life to the full. And never loose their sense of wonder. That they pursue big things with big faith because they believe in a big God. That life would be all that they want it to be. That in the struggles and hard times they would be driven to their Savior and in the happy, easy times they would thank their Father in Heaven.

Pray in everything, in all things, at all's okay God's listening.

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