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Sunday, May 11, 2014

God's Love has Captured my Baby's Heart

We wrote God's name on his foot for him
to remember God is always with him.
Karson just had his 2nd spiritual birthday (April 28, celebrating the day he accepted Jesus) and in honor of that we remembered his baptism day.

Little K's Big Day
There are a few moments in life that you pray for and will never forget when you see it happen.

Little K was baptized on December 9, 2012.

Our son who previously said he didn't want people to look at him, now said I want to tell everyone what I've decided.  
He's decided to follow Jesus.

And he wants to tell everyone. 

Here's what happened, how our church does baptism...

First we watch a video testimony from the person.  This will be worth your two minutes, promise.

Then, I got to talk about him and pray for him.
Here's my introduction to Karson and my prayer...

"Keith and I have had the privileged blessing of being Karson's parents and since we knew God was forming him together we have prayed that one day he would give his life to Jesus.  Karson came to us on April 28 this year (2012).  He said he wanted Jesus to come into his heart.  Karson is a thinker and he has been talking to us for awhile about why Jesus had to die...he knows that it is to forgive him of his sins and so he can have a relationship with Jesus.  Karson will be 7 in January (2013), he is a sincere friend, aware of other people's feelings and a wonderful builder.  It is our joy to share his decision with you guys.  If you know and love Karson please stand and pray with me.  
Beautiful moment!

Lord Jesus, I pray that Karson will never forget this moment, that you will remind him of the inside decision in his heart for the rest of his life.  Thank you Jesus for saving Karson.  I pray that Karson Elijah becomes a man of God and the words he speak be truth, as Elijah in the Bible was known. I pray that his decisions and his life will be glorifying to you and that he always remembers you are with him and love him no matter what.  

Thank you for the blessing of being his mom.  Thank you for my son.  Thank you for your love and forgiveness."

My most favorite picture!

Next, his daddy baptized him.

He's a new Creation!

My conscientious perfectionist

It was beautiful!!

Little K was excited, a little nervous, but not scared at all.  He was sure of himself and I will never forget it!

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