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Sunday, March 8, 2015

My Regular Moments=Much of Jesus

As Handsome K and I prepared for our recent trip to the other side of the world (Oct 2014) we began talking to the little Ks about our plans.  All in the same time period when God was working me through a kairos moment...using my moments to make much of Jesus. 

How do I make much of Jesus when making Baby K lunch, when folding mounds of laundry, when taxing kids to activities, when doing regular things in my regular life? 

I began praying toward this in my moments. 

Regular moment #1-driving to school

On a regular drive to school 2 days later, I asked my Ks what I could pray for them today.  Princess K spoke up with a request, her class had changed seats while she was absent last week and she was really sad, enough so that she cried when she found out. She asked that I pray that God help her not be sad today.

So of course I prayed for her and we sang our morning songs on the way to school.  I remember Paul praying and the building being shaken when they did. Now the mini van didn't shake, but I believe God heard our prayers.

The day goes on quite regular.

Later, when I pick the kids up from school…the first thing Princess K said when she got in the car, "Mom, God helped me not be sad!" With the biggest smile and excitement in her eyes, she gave God credit for hearing our prayer that morning on the way to school.  For answering what we asked and for being real in our regular moments.

Regular moment #2-bedtime

Later that night, as I was telling Little K to close his book and turn off his light, he said something that surprised me.  "Mom, I was reading something that scared me." 

Looking quickly at the book title, I said, "What was scary? Tell me about it."

"It's about ----" (insert country we were getting ready to travel to).

Looking yet again at the book title, I asked, "Show me the page you were reading." While quickly praying for God to help me be truthful but not cause unnecessary worry, he then replied, "it's about earthquakes."

Unbeknownst (isn't that a cool word) to me I was preparing to visit a place that had a record in the earthquake category for a historically large natural disaster death toll. 

How do you tell your 8 year old about days numbered, not in control, sovereignty of God, not to worry, hope of Heaven, called to go but not promised tomorrow, temporary home...without making him fearful??

I do my best to not have to fix anything I've told him before (thus my whole struggle when he asked about Santa Claus?). To tell him truth but make it age appropriate without telling anything that isn't true.  I wanted to promise I'd come home to assure him I'd return free from plane crashes and earthquakes but we've all seen the movies where a parent promises and something happens, kid is bitter and angry and hurt because parent "lied."

I was torn.

I asked for God's help as I pushed forward in our conversation.  I chose my words carefully and said something matter where we are in the world we aren't promised tomorrow.  We can experience tragedy anywhere, but if that ever happens we trust God to comfort us.  We are told to tell people about Him wherever we are, and I know that God wants me to go here and tell university students.

And then I added, "If I see or hear anything about an earthquake I will go the other way as fast as I can!"

We then prayed for safety and God to protect me from earthquakes. I reminded him that anytime he thinks about something scary he can talk to God about it.  He seemed to be peaceful.

My baby asks some hard questions.  As I walked away I said silently with my entire heart and a small tear in my eye, "Please bring me back and keep me away from earthquakes, and we will give you the glory for answering the prayers of my little people."

Regular moment #3-dinner conversation

After church the night before I left while we were having dinner I asked the Ks if they had any questions about where we were going or what we were doing. 

Princess K asks, "How will you tell them about Jesus when they don't speak the same language?"

We had a good conversation about "divine appointments" though I never called it that. We talked about the sovereignty of God, one of my favorite things.  We talked about how many university students want to learn English and will want to practice and will talk about most anything with us. And how God already knows the people I will get to say His name to for the very first time...the first time most of them have ever heard it. We talked about how to pray for those students even now.

So we did.

Regular moment #4-saying goodnight

Princess K told me she prayed out loud for us during her church class...for us to have a safe trip...we said goodnight and I went into Little Ks room, he told me he prayed for Daddy and she prayed for me and that she actually said, "I pray that mommy has a safe trip and her plane doesn't crash!"

That's real prayers.

Sometimes as a parent you say yes to God and after the “yes” you realize the implications on those you love. My kids were both a little worried about my safety, something I hadn't really worried about, but something that is a real concern for my babies when I'm away.  I'm excited to return and help them remember their prayers and how God has answered them in a real way.

Making much of Jesus doesn't have to include a megaphone or an awkward conversation, but sometimes it's simply recognizing His presence in the regular moments of our lives.

With all I do or say help me make much of you!

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