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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All "BLUED" out

Karson recently had pajama day at preschool and he likes it okay. He doesn't understand why he is suppose to wear pjs to preschool, and asked me "why am I not wearing real clothes?" I tell him it's a special day because I'm not sure what else to say. I like pajama day, he gets to not only pick out what he wants to wear the night before but he actually gets to wear it to bed, which saves us a good 4 minutes the next morning (and yes we are usually looking to save minutes anywhere we can). Well on the last pj day Karson chose his blue monkey pjs...when we were on the way home he said, "I didn't have to tell anyone my favorite color today they already know it." I was not thinking totally straight for my dear daughter was repeating "book please" over and over and I was trying to make sure I didn't run any red lights or hit any pedestrians while contorting my body to reach a book to hand over into the backseat...and said, "how would everyone know your favorite color if you didn't tell them?" He simply says, "Because I'm all "blued" out Mom!" I laughed and thought about that...if people knew him well and noticed what color he was wearing he might be right. They would know his favorite by how he dressed himself...which only made me question, "do people know my favorite things by looking at me?" This is a scary thought as I was in a hoodie and jeans with hair pulled on top of my people know what I like and who I love by looking at people know I love Jesus by the way I love? Can people tell what is important to me or "my favorite" just by being around me? I don't know if I can answer yes to that question every day...Lord, may I be someone who projects my love for you to others simply by being in their presence.

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