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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Go Daddy Go

So Handsome K does many amazing things, and he just did another.

He rode his bike 204 miles from Seattle to Portland.

Months ago when he said he'd like to do this, I really never wondered if he could. I may have wondered why?

He sets his mind, and his heart, and focuses on the prize, the plan, and goes for it.

I almost didn't travel with him, but I am so glad I did.  For my heart, for the kids to see their dad, and hopefully for Handsome K to feel supported by us.

The three little Ks and I got up hours after the bikers and met him when he'd almost made it half-way. I can't really describe the emotion and sheer pride I felt as we drove to the stop. I told the kids (we traveled and saw him, then we went on closer to the finish to stay the night) "Everything we drive today is how far your dad will be riding his bike."

As we drove I was overwhelmed with excitement and surprisingly... emotion.  I got teary as we drove I-5. My husband had set a challenging goal and was meeting it that moment. All these cars around me had no idea that just beyond the trees on a path were some 10,000 bikes going for it.  The world was zooming by without even knowing they were missing something really big.  At least to those riding. And to this one proud wife.

It was a little moment like the first time you visit home after going to college and you realize that your family's life is going on as if you don't exist, not even noticing your absence.  Or so it feels.

Or one of the first times you interact with another culture around the world and you think, "hmmm, I'm living my life in the US and people are living their lives on the other side of the world." If I hadn't taken time to spend in another culture I would have never realized these wonderful people are just people, but now I know about them. They come into my thoughts years after I meet them.  I randomly pray for some of them by name or just face, no matter the passing of time I think about the faces and friends I met.

Like that. Realizing there are moments happening all around us whether we are aware of them or not.

Little K had the most questions. "what if daddy's tire pops?" "what if he doesn't know where to go?" "how will he know the directions?"

Princess K prayed the night before we left..."help daddy be strong and his bike not broke. Help daddy win the big trophy."

As we drove, Little K was pushing for daddy to win the race..."Will he be the first one to get there mommy?" Princess K would add matter of fact, "Daddy will win the trophy."

I  tried to explain that finishing this race was winning, that beating your body to just keep going was the prize.

They did not get that.

"But he'll get a trophy right mom."

(next time we will make a trophy to give him)

They wanted to know he'd win.  They were on his team, and they wanted their team to win.

I know what that's like to want my team to win.  I understand believing that your daddy is the best and always knows the answers and always wins.

I saw my daddy like that too.

I know what that's like to believe my Father in Heaven will always complete what He starts.  Always, even now when I feel defeated and like I fail more than I win.

We found a spot right by the path all the bikers headed down with the processional of people hanging on either side of the makeshift  tunnel to greet all the "winners".  Again I was overwhelmed with emotion, I felt like we should be yelling good job to every person going by.  But in reality, we were all really waiting on our own team to cross the finish line.  Everyone knew it when your team made it too.  It was phenomenal. 

Because it was true, they had "won."

We stood and we watched, then I saw him.  He looked great!  Not falling down or collapsing.  Not out of breath, but finishing strong and confident.  He looked wonderful and my heart was full of pride and emotion.  As if I had just won, because I am so closely knit to this other human, and our team just won!!!  I yelled and cried a little and couldn't get to the exit line fast enough. (the three k's weren't in as much of a hurry). 

I wanted to share a triumphant sweaty kiss.

I don't think anything I could have said at that moment would or did communicate all that I felt.  I should have planned that better, but it was raw and lovely, in my heart and I hope for Handsome K too.  I didn't say much.  I was there, to bask in the finish.  (thank you friends who listened and encouraged me to go).

To be there when He completed, he finished, it was done.

He did it!  And I was there to see it. 

God will finish what He has started in me, Handsome K's successful ride reminds me of that.  He will complete the task He began, He has begun a good work, and no matter how much He has to work on me to finish, He will.

When Handsome K meets Jesus, He will be told, "You kept the faith, you finished the race."

I'm sure of it.  I'm sure of Handsome K.

But Jesus won't be talking about Seattle to Portland. 

He will be talking about my husband's life. What an honor to move and grow, and fail and succeed in life with you my dear, it is an honor! 

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  1. Yep...pretty much teared up the whole time. Got me at the end! Proud of your beautiful team!