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Thursday, August 2, 2012

While on one of our many road trips this summer, we stopped at an outdoor mall. During one of the many waiting times/potty breaks, Princess K was getting antsy waiting and from her seat in the car said, "Mom, Mom, Mom, can I drive with Snoofie?" I did not understand and thought this was one of those times that my sweet daughter's unexplainable mid-western accent coming from a girl born in the northwest whose parents are from the south...was simply making up words that I didn't comprehend. 

"Mom, can I drive with Snoofie?"

Ok, think...think...

Context clues.

Where is she looking? Pointing?

I see a cluster of those ride on toys that used to cost 25 cents to "ride." If you are my age you remember the carousel with three horses, I liked the red one and would beg a 25 cent ride from my mom after she'd survived a grocery store trip and probably just wanted to get home and have dinner made while someone else put away all the food she'd just purchased.  Sometimes she gave in and it was always a little disappointing because it was super slow, but I'd sit on the red horse and smile.  

I don't see a three horse carousel, but I do see a "mail truck."

And driving it was none other than Snoofie, or better known as Snoopy.

I don't know why but on this day sitting in the car, that was hilarious!  I looked in my purse for what now costs 50 cents but didn't have it.  I said as much and she said "Mom, can I just drive with him?"

She was happy to get out and just turn the pretend steering wheel and talk to Snoofie.  

I laughed and laughed and Princess K drove with Snoofie. 

Sometimes I miss the little things, usually because I'm thinking of something entirely different than the little people in my life are. 

Am I content to enjoy the little things in life?

Driving with Snoofie.

Kids see the little things and they are easily appreciative of them.

Even without 50 cents.

I still laugh when I repeat her little voice saying that.

I want to be a mommy who laughs, who sometimes let's the kids ride the 50 cent ride.  Who doesn't always say no because it's more convenient than saying yes.

I have a friend who said her husband wants to always say yes if he can and not say no without reason.  I admire that.  She came home once to see him spraying their kids out the kitchen window with the sprayer on the kitchen sink.  

After I heard that I wanted my kids to ask that too.  I could say yes to that.

There are so many times we hear no in life...and so many my kids will hear.  

As a parent, I've experienced it's hard to not say, "don't" and "no" alot.  I want to change that.  It takes discipline and....gulp....time.  Also, I understand that it's not pragmatic to "always" say yes, and calm down I'm not a yes mom either.  But maybe more in the middle than on the far "no" side would be a good change.

Handsome K calls me negative sometimes...I think I'm realistic, but can see how that can come across negative.  I often deduce all the things to think about/plan for and they seem to be those things that will make my life harder.  I'm a cost counter.  I'm trusting more and more, but I want to be a safe "yes" giver too.  Of course.

No matter the personal cost.

Sometimes driving with Snoofie is more about seizing the moment than just putting the 50 cents in.
Princess K was so happy.  I know life will not always be happy, but seizing those opportunities to smile and laugh don't really cost anything either.

So when's the last time you drove with Snoofie?

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